Our championship winning race frames, hand-built and custom finished in California USA, are only part of the Daylight custom experience. We are specialists at designing and building the most beautiful, high-performance race bikes in the world. And that’s no exaggeration. Just look at them. Just watch them win. Just ride one. 


When you step up to the ultimate BMX race frame, you’re going to need the ultimate parts package to go with it — and by go with it, we mean go with it! Whether you want the best race parts exactly as they come or you want those parts custom ceramic painted to perfectly match your frame or compliment a full design/build concept, Daylight will work one-on-one with you to paint, build and assemble the BMX Flying Machine of your dreams. Our expertise, however, isn’t just about sourcing, selling and painting parts — it’s knowing what to build just for you, a knowledge that comes from years of building bikes for many of the top amateurs and pros in the history of our sport. Now you can have Daylight help build your BMX history.


We are so committed to building the Daylight you want that we’ve accepted no official parts sponsors for our Daylight Factory Team. That means we’re under no obligation to sell any particular brand. Of course, we have our preferences and often suggest and build with the best parts from what we believe are the best brands worthy of our Daylights. Think Beringer cranks, Onyx Hubs, and soon our own new premium parts brand, HERO. Still, we understand every racer has their favorite brands and through our specialty bike shop, Gold Coast Bicycles, we can get any and all of it — from Shimano, Hayes, Hope and Box to Avian, Tangent, Thomson, Crupi and more.  The possibilities for your custom Daylight are endless.


A lot of companies say they build custom BMX race bikes, but only Daylight consistently designs one masterpeice after another. Our difference is our design experience for some of  America’s most innovative companies. We have the eye and conceptualize each and every bike, considering every color and every detail as thin and lightweight ceramic coatings allow us to paint virtually any part  — from bars and stems and cranks to fine touches like headset spacers, chain ring bolts, and even valve caps. We say that we sell one thing a thousand different ways and every one’s a winner!


In additon our premium bottom bracket bearings, tapered headset and machined seat clamp that come with every frame there were a few other parts we knew just had to be Daylight. While BMX standard (if there is such a thing) is a 27.2mm seat post, we specify a larger diameter seat tube and by design a larger diameter and lighter-weight 30.9mm Pivotal Daylight Seat Post. By extension, we also make our Moonbeam Seat Post Extender and our Daylight Pro Pivotal Seats as nothing else would do.



If there is one component as critical as our frame to the quality of every race bike, it’s the wheel set. Yes, there are a few, high-quality/high-value pre-built options that we do recommend, especially for our less costly TEAM and even some of our ELITE level builds. But for the ultimate race machine there is nothing comparable to our custom Daylight Carbon/Onyx Hub Wheel Set. Through Epik Carbon Rims we offer custom colored decals applied under the clear coat, and through Onyx Racing Products we also offer custom ceramic coated hubs to match or compliment your Daylight. We are the only company Onyx allows to finish their hubs. Hand-built by our master wheel builder, your wheels will be built by the same hands that build for our Factory Elite and World Pro Team racers!



Here are just a few of our custom bikes to fire your imagination!


When you buy the ultimate custom frame, you’re going to need the ultimate parts to go with it. Whethere you want matching, custom finished components or just off-the-shelf parts from your favorite brands, we’ve got you covered. Daylight will build up your dream bike from the ground up. Here are some samples of what you can expect.


We work with the top brands in BMX so you get the parts you want. Brands like Hayes, Beringer, Epik, KMC, Avian, and more. You’ll never have to compromise.


All of the components we offer can be given the perfect finish to contrast or compliment your custom frame. Don’t be afraid to get creative. We’ll make it happen.


We have the good stuff. whether you’re looking for carbon fiber rims or forks, titanium spokes, hydraulic disk brakes, or instant engagement hubs, we’ve got you covered.


We also have a number of Daylight parts that are designed specifically for our frames like our Pivotal seats and posts, headsets, QR seat clamps, and Moonbeam seat post extenders. These are all Daylight quality aftermarket components. SHOP FOR DAYLIGHT PARTS


After decades of work in the design industry, combined with our extensive experience in the BMX bike and race world, Daylight has evolved into something wholly unique  — a complete BMX bicycle design agency. But don’t let the process of ordering a custom built race bike confuse or intimidate you. Despite what you may have seen or heard, not every Daylight is a super custom or super expensive exotic design build. Your bike can be whatever you want and need it to be and we’ve started that process by creating three build classifications that will help you by outlining and showing you what can be done within three preferred price ranges — Team, Elite and Design.

Want to keep it even simpler? Check out our “FACTORY BUILT” Team and Elite level complete builds that can be easily ordered online. Just answer a few size questions and choose your frame colors from our most popular combinations. We’ve already selected the parts package based on what we know will make for the best Team or Elite level Daylight

Regardless of what direction you decide to go, we are here with the answers, advise and design ideas you need. Your buying experience, like your Daylight bike, will be customized just for you!

($3,500 – $4,500)


TEAM BUILD $3,500 - $4,500

These TEAM builds are everything any racer on the way up the competiton ladder as well as any expert already making national mains could possibly need or want to take their racing to the highest level. Typically, these are almost always standard two-color ceramic finished frames, with an occasional added matte or gloss clear coat — paired with many workhorse race parts from brands like Tangemt, Box, Crupi, Tekto, Promax and Remix. Factory pre-built wheel-sets offer a reliable race ready solution without the higher price tag of custom built wheels.


($4,500 – $6,000)


ELITE BUILD $4,500 - $6,000

These ELITE  builds are what you’ll find on the gate with our own factory racers as well as our Elite riders competing at the World Cup level. Typically, these are two-color ceramic finished frames, with an added matte or gloss clear coat — some with solid or chameleon metallic finishes — paired with many top of the line race parts like Onyx hubs, Beringer cranks, Avian or Box carbon forks, and soon with our own HERO line of premium USA built high-performance parts, and with a few select parts also custom ceramic painted to match or compliment the frame.


($6,000 & Up)


DESIGN BUILD $6,000 & Up

These DESIGN builds are what many in the BMX world think about when they dream about a Daylight custom bike — BMX race bikes the likes of which cannot be seen anywhere else. Of course, these builds utilize the latest and greatest in advanced bike parts and technology. These are often one of a kind visions brought to life by our skilled artisans incorporating multi-layered, multi-colored ceramic paint designs—even engine-turned patterns etched into the alloy frame—plus custom ceramic painted parts throughout the build to bring these concepts to full, Daylight life!

The Curated Collection

Over the past 6 years Daylight has evolved from a start-up frame company to the builder of some of the most coveted custom BMX race bikes in the world.  These are just a few — with more being added weekly — of the hundreds we’ve built. They range in price but every one is every bit a Daylight and we can build any one of them for you. We’ll just need to get your size particulars to start the wheels rolling  — typically a 6 week process. Order your favorite today!

The Showroom Collection

As exciting as it to build a custom Daylight, working with us to choose every part and color, more customers are deferring to us for all their decisions. We’ve had the BMX knowledge and the design chops, but now we have their trust. 1,000 custom builds later has earned us that, and that’s the idea behind our new Showroom Collection — complete bikes designed, built and ready for sale!  There’s just one special build “on the floor” now, but more are in the works. So come inside — you might just walk out with one today!