Alise Willoughby lights the sky on fire, flying on her Daylight ARC c2!

Photo: Steve Diamond Elements


You may think these are the lucky ones — the riders of Daylight. Truth be told though, we’re one lucky bike company to have  such a talented roster. They weren’t necessarily the fastest when they came to us, but they believed in their ability, believed in our bike, and we in turn saw something that made us believe in them. From our Daylight Factory Team riders to our renewed national bike shop team, Gold Coast/Daylight, these are the names you’ve heard of or soon will.


Led by our Daylight World Pro Team, Factory Daylight hails from more than a dozen states and two provinces across the USA and Canada, as well as a growing number of international riders from Europe to Australia to South America. All top expert racers, many nationally ranked! On any weekend, you’ll find them racing across the globe in their Daylight Colors bound together by their passion for winning and loving the Daylight ride!

Daylight Factory America

Erin Artzner

Kole Berg

Sailor Denton

Drew Downey

Elijah Emery

Madison Eveland

Jacob Lange

Milo Menchaca

Gigi Milliron

Rob Pettinelli

Katie Piotti

Rob Porter

Lesli Sanders

Ben Steffens

Tiegen Stiebel

Rickey White

Brendan Young

Blake Young

Daylight Factory Canada

Carter Berry

Jhett Hickey

Ethan Hunt

Drew Solmes

Will Welikoklad

Daylight Factory International

Damien EthalonFrance

Kesia Savill / Australia


We’ve compiled images and interviews with our riders. Learn more about our amazing squad.

Best Ride Under The Sun!

Years before we said, “Let there be Daylight!,” we created our own slice of BMX heaven right here on Ventura County, California’s Gold Coast when we opened the “Raddest Little Track in BMX” — Freedom Park BMX Raceway — followed by the sport’s first fully-realized trackside BMX race shop, Gold Coast Bicycles. Featured in USA BMX’s Pull Magazine, GCB built its reputation by building the best  bikes on the planet, primarily through its very own brand of race bikes — Daylight!

In years past, GCB teams have also been key proving grounds for our Daylight Factory team and now our Gold Coast Daylight National Bike Shop Team is back for 2023. If you’re an expert racer or a high-level intermediate with just a few wins to go to expert, you ride a Daylight now or have plans to ride one, and think you’ve got what it takes to be a GC/Daylight team rider and brand representative, click the application button below and tell us why!


Does sponsoring riders and running BMX race teams drive bike sales? That’s difficult to quantify, There is that race adage, Win on Sunday, sell on Monday — and we have absolutely sold bikes as a result of winning races. But selling bikes isn’t the primary reason we go to the races. Like you, we go BMX racing because we love racing, and for over 30 years we’ve loved running BMX race teams. We love the shared passion for the sport and the shared experience, and to be honest we also really like to win! It just happened along the way — working with our teams both on the track and in the design studio — that we became obsessed with creating the world’s most remarkable BMX race bike — a bike built to admire, but mostly a bike built to win!

Dallas Gardner

Mario Brattoli