$3,500 – $4,500


USE THIS SECTION TO SHOP: These are just a few — with more being added in the days and weeks to come — of the hundreds of amazing custom bikes we’ve built.

These TEAM builds are everything any racer on the way up the competiton ladder as well as any expert already making national mains could possibly need or want to take their racing to the highest level. Typically, these are almost always standard two-color ceramic finished frames, with an occasional added matte or gloss clear coat — paired with many workhorse race parts. Factory pre-built wheel-sets offer a reliable race ready solution without the higher price tag of custom built wheels.

If you’re interested in any of these builds or even just the frame, click the ‘want’ link and we can confirm all your particulars  (size, specs, etc.) and start the order process.

BIKE 611