CURATED COLLECTION – Exotic Design Builds

These are some of the most exotic Design Builds we’ve ever done!

USE THIS SECTION TO SHOP: These are just a few — with more being added in the days and weeks to come — of the hundreds of amazing custom bikes we’ve built.

These DESIGN builds are what many in the BMX world think about when they dream about a Daylight custom bike — BMX race bikes the likes of which cannot be seen anywhere else. Of course, these builds utilize the latest and greatest in advanced bike parts and technology. These are often one of a kind visions brought to life by our skilled artisans incorporating multi-layered, multi-colored ceramic paint designs—even engine-turned patterns etched into the alloy frame—plus custom ceramic painted parts throughout the build to bring these concepts to full, Daylight life!

If you’re interested in any of these builds or even just a frame, click the ‘want’ link and we can confirm all your particulars  (size, specs, etc.) and start the order process.

BIKE 612

BIKE 613

BIKE 615

BIKE 617

BIKE 618

BIKE 619

BIKE 620

BIKE 621

BIKE 622

BIKE 623

BIKE 624